Summer Camp

Burnaby Montessori School offers a half-day and full-day summer camp. The camp runs from Monday through Friday for four weeks in July and two weeks in August.

Our summer camp offers the same Montessori learning opportunities, combined with outdoor activities, group activities, as well as arts and crafts. Children who are new to the program will get initial lessons and learn how to follow classroom routines and guidelines.

The summer camp is an optional program for children who are registered to start in September for the new school year, returning children and Burnaby Montessori School alumni. Summer camp is highly recommended for new children starting in September.

Please note summer camp has limited space and placement will be determined on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Start date january 18, 2016
Years old 2 - 5
Class size 26
Class durantion 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Transportation available
Class staff 3 Teachers, 2 Caretakers
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Mathematical concepts are introduced to young children in a concrete and manipulative way, which teaches them to count and calculate.


Children are exposed to spoken language by way of classified cards, reading stories and poems, and playing sound games.

Outdoor Play

It is a way of expressing feelings because it is a profound communication.  is to open the soul of the child to play, for good, the light.

Practical Life

Practical Life activities include skills for everyday living that develop a child’s muscular control, which consolidates and develops coordination of movements.


The Sensorial materials are used to help children develop and refine their five senses, allowing the child to experience the material in this area in a sensory manner.


Cultural studies are those that enrich the child’s understanding of his/her world.