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Burnaby Montessori School

Located in the Metrotwon area of Burnaby B.C., Burnaby Montessori School (BMS) is a fully accredited learning institution licensed with both Fraser Health and the Independent School Branch.

Burnaby Montessori School (BMS) has been serving the community of Burnaby and Vancouver since 1995. We offer a full-day and half-day Montessori preschool program for children ages 2.5 to 5 years of age, as well as Montessori Kindergarten and Grade 1 Program.

BMS offers a stimulating environment where children can develop into capable, intelligent and confident individuals, all while building a life-long passion for learning.

The classrooms at BMS are furnished with beautiful, age-appropriate, educational materials that children are naturally drawn to. Our positive and friendly environment truly feels like a home away from home, not only for the children attending our program, but also for the parents.

At Burnaby Montessori, each child is treated with respect, kindness and love, which builds a caring, loving and friendly community for both children and parents.


  • I greatly support the program at Burnaby Montessori School. Currently, I have on child in an attendance and returning in September. I will happily have both my children experience this wonderful Montessori program. I appreciate the Montessori teachers knowledge, understanding and positive reinforcement.

  • Thank you Burnaby Montessori School for providing a caring, loving and nurturing environment for my children. I cannot think a better way for my children to start “life” with the strong fundamental values vividly displayed at this school by the wonderful staff and their administration. I feel very fortunate that all 3 of my children […]

  • Burnaby Montessori School is loving and caring family that has made us feel sage and cared for. I’m glad I chose Burnaby Montessori as my daughter’s first school in her education journey. Can’t wait for her to start next year for her kindergarten year and watch her grow and build new skills.

    Safa -
  • My son was in the half-day preschool program for 2 years and my daughter is currently enrolled in the program as well. I have seen independence, self-motivation, and concentration nurtured in my children through out the program. I really appreciate the caring teachers who are committed to laying a strong foundation in my children’s early […]

  • Our experience thus far with Burnaby Montessori has been very nurturing for our son Mathius. We feel that he has learnt a lot academically, but also socially as well. He has really warmed up to the idea of school and learning. We have already signed up our younger son Nathan to attend in September.

  • As a Parent I would definitely recommend this school to my family and friends. I am very impressed with the materials and other tools used in the classroom. I also would like to mention the discipline methods at the school are remarkable. My daughter was very comfortable with the teachers and school. We will definitely […]

  • Burnaby Montessori School is made for families who long for a supported learning environment. Each child is unique individual and this program supports each child’s own pace and interests, always leaving it inspired.

Meet Our Teachers

A teacher is person who bows the seed of wisdom in our mind.

Janara Smith

Assistent Teacher

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Sandra Christie

Math Teacher

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Robert White

Head Teacher

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Angelica Watson

Lead Teacher

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