Registration Process

Burnaby Montessori’s registration process is designed to help educate parents as much as possible about our school and about the programs we offer. It also allows for the school to be better acquainted with you and your child.

Call the school office (604-558-1661) to register for an information session. Information sessions are held once in the fall, winter, and spring.

During this session, our goal is to give you as much information as possible about our school program. The information session is a great opportunity for parents to tour the school/classrooms and ask questions. In the session, teachers will go over details such as gradual entry, daily activities, parent/teacher communication, the year at a glance, parent education, and teacher trainings/qualifications etc. The evening will end with a question and answer period, and registration forms will be provided for you to take home.

After the information session, a follow up phone call will be made within 3 days to answer any further questions you may have, as well to schedule a time for classroom observation.

Classroom observations will allow you to see a Montessori class in session, and will give you an idea of what your child will actually be doing while at school.

At Burnaby Montessori School we have a high regard for the children’s classroom environment and take great care not to interrupt their concentration and focus, therefore the observations are for parents only and will only be 30 minutes long.

If you choose to register, kindly return the completed registration forms on registration day. You will then receive confirmation of your child’s enrolment, the date of the first child-visit-day in June, and a Parent Handbook.

All children who are new to Burnaby Montessori School will come for a visit/orientation with their parents in June.  During this visit/orientation, gradual entry schedules and home visit dates and times will be given to parents. Our goal is to have the children visit/meet their classroom teachers at least three times before they begin school in September.

1st Visit – New-Child-Visit day in June

2nd Visit – New-Child-Visit day in August

3rd Visit – Home-Visit:

The purpose of home visits is to facilitate your child’s transition into the classroom. The visits last 30 minutes and enable the teacher to form a relationship with you and your child in an environment where your child is comfortable. All new children will receive a visit from the teachers at their home. If your child is attending summer school they will have a home visit before July, otherwise it will take place at the end of August or the beginning of September.

We begin our waitlist for the upcoming school year on October 1st each year. Burnaby Montessori School follows a formal registration process, which begins with parents registering for an information session.